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Peace. Love. Golf.

Unite as a team.
Grow as an individual.

About Genesis

Genesis golf society was formed in October 2002. Spurred on by the rise of Tiger Woods, Six of us sat in the Crown and Sceptre pub and said “why don’t we create our own golf society”. So we did!

We’ve since grown to an optimum of 20 – 24 members who are more like family that combatants. Our members reign from South London, North London and “Sunny Tonny”, Kent. Guests are welcome when invited by a member.

This is how we do it . . .

We have at least four society days every year. Skipper selects some decent and challenging courses then we play 18 very competitive holes. We like to celebrate over healthy meal or barbecue with plenty of beer and wine while we salute the winners and exchange stories about the day. We have a Captain’s tour during the autumn; this has been alternating between a 5* Spa and golf break in the UK or an all-inclusive trip to Jamaica. Our current plans are 2023 will be in UK and 2024 will be Jamaica.